Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby Toys with BAMBOO Fiberfill

Hello! My BAMBOO Fiberfill is here! You now have the option of having soft baby toys (cloth play blocks and knit bears) from my shop filled with Bamboo Fiberfill. What is Bamboo Fiberfill? Bamboo Fiberfill has a unique soft and silky texture, is Earth-friendly and made with renewable resources. The Bamboo plant is the fastest growing timber plant and requires no fertilizers to grow. It thrives naturally without using pesticides to grow. The Bamboo fiber is eco-friendly, naturally antibacterial, anti fungal and has great mildew resistance. At Knitstyle by MMC you can add bamboo fiberfill to your order of cloth play blocks or a knit bear!

My niece Sydney loves to play with her cloth play blocks! Sydney is wearing a super cute "Here Kitty Kitty" onesie from Oliverlane.


oliverlane said...

Sydney is simply the cutest :) Thanks so much for getting such great pics of the kitty onesie :) I truly appreciate it!

The Bock Family said...

Hi Megan! I just gave your blog an "award." :) Come check it out for details.

Anonymous said...
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