Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Etsy Finds ... Dahlias

I've been searching through Etsy lately trying to find some cool art work, mostly giclee prints, for my new house. One of my favorite flowers, is the Dahlia. Every year my dad plants several Dahlia bulbs in his garden and around the yard. From whites and light hues of pink and yellow to big and vibrant puples, oranges, red and pinks. He puts alot of care into them every year and during the fall when the flowers stop blooming, he digs them all up and stores them in the basement for the winter. Here are a few Dahlia prints I came across in my search on Etsy.

1. Prettypetalstudio
2. NatureMandalas
3. ModernArtEveryday (MAE)
4. Gauchogirl