Saturday, June 14, 2008

Welcoming A Friend to Etsy - Jessica Pisano

Another long break since my last post and I only have a few minutes before heading out to watch my nephew's final soccer game for the Spring season.
Another close friend of mine, Jessica Pisano, recently joined the Etsy community. She is an established artist and always amazes me with the new work she introduces each year. Jessica starts her work with a black & white photo that she took and prints it on archival acid-free cotton rag paper. She paints the surface with a variety of mixed media and finishes it off with a coat of UV protective varnish. She then mounts her work on either antique tin panels, custom wood frames, birch wood panels or matte and framed. Jessica is also the founder and director of the Belushi Pisano Gallery on Martha's Vineyard. You can find out more information about Jessica and her work at or visit her blog. Here are a few examples or her work that can be found on Etsy:

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tanyBUG said...

wow what an interesting technique! and the results are beautiful! welcome to etsy!