Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Suede Knit Baby Bootees

Hand knit baby SNUGGS - Knitstyle's version of the popular UGG Boots.

SNUGGS are knit in Suede yarn that is 100% Nylon. It may not be real suede but it looks and feels exactly like the softest suede. Then they are finished off by knitting the softest plush yarn that is used to line the entire inside of the bootees. The special baby in your life with love these furry-trimmed suede bootees. They will keep baby's feet warm - a must have for the winter!

Material: Suede 100% nylon, Plush 100% nylon (White).

Newborn - 3 months
3 months - 9 months


Cicada Studio said...

ooh, I love these!!

Megan said...

Thank you Cicada studio!

Snuggs are currently available in 2 colors:
Tan or Chocolate Brown and the inside lining can be any color!