Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Variegated Throw Rugs

These hand knit throw rugs were knit in a 100% cotton yarn. Knit in a simple garter stitch with 2 strands of cotton yarn held together for extra thickness. Rugs are shown in variegated color combinations of ecru, lime green and purple; and ecru, orange and purple. The pattern came from Suss Cousins Hollywood Knits Style book. This book was given to me as a birthday gift from a friend. In return for this wonderful gift, I made the ecru, green and purple rug for her birthday. I have found many great patterns from this book as well as interesting yarns from her online yarn store. Recently, I finished my second rug shown in the color combination of ecru, orange and purple and now have it posted in my Etsy shop. These throw rugs are a great addition to any room!


Crystal said...

I LOVE this! I've always wanted to try a felted rug, but I think I actually like this better. I'll certainly have to check out that book.

Ellen said...

they look very nice. i'd like to try out my bare tootsies on them :-)